Property Registration – Applicants

A simple and sequential process helps create pre-registration documents quickly and easily by the applicants thereby reducing dependencies on document writers.

How it Works
One of the biggest challenges that grips the world is the issue of land and property ownership. The issue of land ownership is so critical. For example, almost all financial institutions heavily depend on the ownership of the Land-based properties for collateral security. With uncertainties around the ownership claims, it becomes incredibly valuable to have a robust solution in place for the financial institutions to function correctly across the nation.
Solutions overview
Reganto is a property registration platform and is built on top of our patent pending software. Our offering is one of its kind with immutable document storage, retrieval, and verification. The system not only accelerates the process of land registration, but also makes it easier for buyers, sellers, and Government sub-Registrars to transfer the land ownership from seller to a new buyer.
How it Works
Reganto is an innovative document verification platform that uses Blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify a land deed or a property document with accuracy. Our solution eliminates the ability for fraudsters to create multiple copies of forged documents that can be sold to another party.




Pre-registered and registered documents are stored on Blockchain, hence eliminating the ability to create fraudulent documents.



The process of identifying original document from a fake document is made extremely easily by scanning a QR code through our dedicated mobile app.


Document Copies

Reganto offers the ability to request for a copy of pre-registered and registered documents in case of any document being misplaced.


Status Notifications

Reganto allows citizens to receive periodic notifications from the platform in case of an update or change in the status of the registration process.


Document Re-submission

Citizens have the ability to modify and resubmit a pre-registered document that has been rejected earlier and also track status online.



The platform also offers the option of getting the pre-registered document printed on a eco-friendly, water proof, and tear proof smart paper.


Distributed system that stores all the transactions using cutting edge Blockchain technology.

Online system that removes intermediaries like property dealers making the process of land registration resilient, thus reducing instances of fraud.

Ability for citizens to store, retrieve, view and download pre-registered and registered documents.

All transactions performed on Reganto platform will be available as receipts for citizen viewing.