COVID19 – Hospital & Clinics

Reganto for COVID–19 is a purpose-built Vaccination Passport platform for authorising Health Bodies and citizens to access digital vaccination certificates as immutable proof of citizens being vaccinated.

How it Works
Enabling a person to prove they have safely and securely been vaccinated against Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus by an authorised Governing Health Body who can instantaneously provide valid authenticating proof through a digital app and platform to the citizen.

Solutions overview
Blockchain technology has already been identified as a promising approach to combat the pandemic in different scenarios, such as early detection of outbreaks, medical supply chain, or donation tracking.

How it Works
Reganto is a complete document management platform which allows you to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your certificates from anywhere in the world, at any time. Documents are hosted on a private blockchain network which provides absolute data security, privacy, and accuracy.



Certificate Access

All hospitals and clinics must vaccinate citizens at their location anytime to verify progress against planned rollout activities.


Private Blockchain

Authorised Officers have the ability to approve and create immutable certificates that are documented for storing and retrieving on Blockchain, making them absolutely immutable.


Document Verification

All authorised sites will have devolved access to the Reganto platform to view and check for any possible deviations between from registered citizens.

Easy to use

Administration functions

A step by step has been created to uniformly register citizens that carry them through the vaccination process to creating their personal certificates that downloadable onto the mobile app.


Immutable Records

Vaccinations certificates can be viewed at the highest level across a region providing a birds eye view of progress through dashboards.

Comprehensive solution

Secure blockchain platform

The platform is available either as a cloud service provided by us or it can be created on private cloud platforms run by the Governing Body.


Instantly create and hand out certificates and personalised app to citizens who get vaccinated with ease.

Reganto is easy to use. Our intuitive and user-friendly UI enables users to achieve much more within a short span of time.

Dashboards to help you track and monitor in real-time statistics of vaccination programs.

Validated citizen’s information directly from government agencies as the systems are directly integrated with Government API’s.
Reganto has strong in-built search capabilities to help you find users and data.
All approval and workflows are built-in to the system.