How it Works – Covid19 – Citizens

The Challenge

Enabling a person to prove they have safely and securely been vaccinated against Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus by an authorised Governing Health Body who can instantaneously provide valid authenticating proof through a digital app and platform to the citizen. A digital vaccination certificate as Proof of vaccination has been identified as the easiest and most effective way to provide this to the citizen. 


We believe vaccination certificates or passports, as a presentable proof of vaccination, are the linchpin of new normality. Over the last 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly restricted access to the activities and institutions on which our economy and society runs. Offices, schools, places of worship, shops and restaurants are closed. Domestic travel is down by more than 60% since last February. GDPs across the world have fallen significantly impacting many economies between March 2020 to the present Day in 2021.

Re-opening access through the safe movement of people is critical to the economic growth and recovery across the globe. At the heart of this is the Vaccination passport. With this come a number of considerations. In particular, it is imperative that vaccination passports are easily accessible by the citizens, cannot be hacked or traded allowing at-risk individuals to continue the proliferation of the virus. A robust system to bind the identity of an individual to their vaccination passport is absolutely crucial to gain immediate trust in the system.

The use of digital vaccination certificates can help alleviate the burden on health systems, as vaccinated people would not need to perform viral tests, which are currently required to, say, travel to different countries. Unlike the current paper version of vaccination certificates namely the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), these digital documents would allow a far more scalable solution along with a faster and more secure verification process. 

There are three different types of digital health certificate in discussion currently:

  • Vaccination certificates: referring to whether a person has received the vaccine or not,
  • Diagnostic test certificates: demonstrating that a person has undergone a test, and
  • Immunity certificates or immunity passports: implying that a person has developed antibodies.

We believe the vaccination certificate/ passport provided by Country Health organisations, held on an immutable trustworthy platform, accessible across borders, is the way forward. 

Solutions Overview​

Blockchain technology has already been identified as a promising approach to combat the pandemic in different scenarios, such as early detection of outbreaks, medical supply chain, or donation tracking. In the same mindset, the creation of a blockchain platform to share information about the pandemic would increase transparency, interoperability and accountability so that potential discrepancies among data from different sources, say, medical centres or governments could be avoided. This would foster a more trustworthy reporting and monitoring of the pandemic evolution considering diverse territories and countries. Furthermore, such a platform would increase citizens’ trust in the vaccination process, as the information related to vaccines could only be made publicly available by authorizing Government Health Bodies.

Blockchain Technology provides
  • Immutable data: Records can be held and shared in a completely transparent way providing complete trust in the certificates
  • Tamper-proof: No one can forge a certificate and the risk of doctors deliberately issuing wrong immunity certificates can be tackled effectively
  • Privacy high as digital ID is totally encrypted using our patent-pending security algorithms
  • Statistical analysis: times series of the certificates issued, with a detailed breakdown can be obtained
How it Works​

Reganto is a complete document management platform which allows you to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your certificates from anywhere in the world, at any time. Documents are hosted on a private blockchain network which provides absolute data security, privacy, and accuracy.

Using blockchain DLT Hyperledger technologies –

For digital certificates issued on a blockchain, verification can be done instantaneously, and the records cannot be tampered with as changes to individual blocks can be made only be by the channel user sharing the information. Reganto delivers this providing huge transparency and security to the whole system. Reganto for vaccination records can transform and improve the whole record of credibility right to the core using immutable, encrypted ledger technologies.
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