Property Registration – Registry Office

Property registrars have access to our transformational Blockchain platform to complete the registration process in minimal time with workflows to approve or reject pre-registered documents providing real-time updates back to the applicant.

How it Works

At Reganto, we realised that the power of Blockchain technology can address the plague that is property registration fraud. We came up with a solution that allows governments to use existing processes and infrastructure but fortify the process of creating and signing the documents themselves. Presenting Reganto.
Solutions overview
Imagine a solution with easy to create and verify pre-registered and supporting documents. And this document can then be attached to the fully signed and attested registration document, all through an intelligent workflow based system.
How it Works
Reganto is a property registration platform and is built on top of our patent pending software. Our offering is one of its kind with immutable document storage, retrieval, and verification. It is an innovative document verification platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to verify a land deed or a property document with accuracy.



Document Access

Property registrars have the ability to access pre-registered and supporting documents submitted by applicants  enabling easy verification.



Officers also have the ability to approve the registered document for storing and retrieving on Blockchain, making them absolutely immutable.


Document Verification

Reganto allows comparative view to check for any possible deviations between the pre-registered document and the registered document.



Registrars will have the ability to reject pre-registered or supporting documents in case of any errors. They can provide appropriate comments as well to help the citizens.


Transaction Record

Every step from document submission from citizen to staff, staff and subsequently,  sub-registrar approval or rejection is recorded and available for citizens to view.

Comprehensive solution

No Third-party

Simple and sequential process to help create documents quickly,  reducing dependency on document writers and  providing direct citizen to Government interaction.


Easy access and verification of pre-registered and registered documents submitted by applicants with ease.

Upload registered document for sub-registrar’s perusal post verification of documents.

Print documents on citizen’s request.

Ability to approve or reject  pre-registered documents for storing on Blockchain.