Relationships are built on understanding. We are continuously learning to improve our understanding of our customers and to create impactful success programmes. We aim to better serve you, at every step of our journey together.

Customer success services



We will design a solution around your unique business. Getting your organisation up and running quickly with our team of experts is our goal. They will work with you to design a solution tailored to your needs.



We take huge pride in your product knowledge. Whether you’re just getting started or are an advanced user, we have the resources to keep your skills polished at every stage of your journey.



We can provide unlimited access to online training anytime, anywhere so that you and your team are empowered with deep product knowledge to deliver the best customer experiences.

Customer Support Services


Knowledge base

Our FAQ knowledge base is a simple to use self-service portal that provides you with answers and information 24/7.



As “super-users” and original beta testers we are empowered to get you the answers you need. We have a team of experts working at our solution centre doing everything we can to resolve your problems as quickly as possible.



Technical support is delivered using direct questions by telephone calls, SMS, online chat and email. Software problems can be addressed over the telephone or, by remote access services for more complicated problems needing to be dealt with on a one-to-one planned support call.


Drive adoption

We will make sure we speed up your platform adoption by taking advantage of powerful tools such as our API connectivity to transfer your data using best practices with secure migration paths that are quick and easy to use showing you the way.

Accelerate time to value

We aim to get your project done right the first time. Align your technology, people, and IT functions with your business priorities. We will prevent common missteps and achieve predictable results reducing the time to implement dramatically.

Boost performance

Get the most out of the built-in features and functionalities that have been specially designed to transform your journey. We will be proactive with you with proven strategies and prescriptive guidance that will save time and effort to complete the project.

Improve user experiences

Discover ways to work better and continuously improve your user experiences using our product features and functionalities. We will aim to optimize your configuration and identify our application to best serve you and your business needs.

Connect with the experts

Our customer success team offers an effective combination of broad customer service expertise coupled with deep product knowledge to deliver a differentiated customer experience. From the sponsors meetings right down to daily meetings we make sure you get the best value out of our services.