Universities – Students

Students will own and have access to all their educational certification and mark sheets instantaneously 24/7/365 anywhere in the world, backed by their graduating university to its authenticity and trustworthiness of the certificates and supporting documents.

How it Works

Have you ever wondered why it should take 2 weeks to get a copy of your certificate? Your certificate? We have. And we realised that the problem is in how the certificates are created and distributed. Which is why we created Reganto. Learn more 
Solutions overview
With the advent of Blockchain technology that allows Universities to securely create and distribute certificates, we can now provide students with access to ‘Instant Certificates’. Students can now carry their certificates with them in the form of secure Blockchain based QR codes. This, with the convenience of a slick mobile app. Learn more 
How it Works
Reganto is a complete University document management platform which allows Universities to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. This allows Students to access their data from anywhere, at any time. In a secure and convenient way using a mobile app. Learn more 




Students can have their university generated certificates verified and retrieved using the Reganto app from anywhere in the world.


On-demand Access

On-demand access for students to their educational qualifications from multiple universities can now be achieved on Reganto.



Supported by eco-friendly, tear proof, tamper proof, water resistant smart paper certificates offers lifetime access for students.



Students can avoid huge delays waiting for re-prints in case of loss or damage of authentic certificates by doing this at our secure physical sites.



Employers can easily verify certificates/mark sheets, distinctions and awards gained by students across their higher educational studies.


Storage & Retrieval

Store all your certificates, even the back dated historical certificates which can be transferred to Reganto reducing physical storage needs going forward.


Transforming ownership of students’ trusted certificates and CMMs with easy to use mobile app solution.

Students can retrieve their certificates from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Secure physical sites to print or re-print authentic certificates. 

Digital certificates with QR code can be accessed and downloaded for easy certificate verification.