By hosting certificates on a purpose-built private cloud-based blockchain platform, Reganto offers a unique one-stop integrated solution that completely eliminates counterfeiting and allows universities to access their trusted documents.

How it Works

Lack of technology adoption and increasing diversity of the students from around the world makes it difficult for universities to try and attract global talent for various programs without validating the academic credentials of the incoming student. The problem is further aggravated due to the diploma mills which create genuine looking certificates or create fake universities. Universities (and potential employers of the students) spend a huge amount time and effort in trying to verify such student credentials. Learn more 
Solutions overview

Imagine a solution that can diversify and decentralize data, creating a new paradigm in storing and retrieving reliable data like degree certificates that are completely trustworthy – “proofing” the whole learning and reputation of the university’s certification – Reganto is the only platform that allows universities to transfer data from their systems to the Reganto platform using the latest API technologies.

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How it Works

Reganto is a complete University document management platform which allows you to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. Your documents would be hosted on our patent pending private Blockchain network which provides absolute data security, privacy, and accuracy.

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Provide cloud platform services Store the university/institute generated certificates for students on a secured and purpose built private Blockchain.



Each certificate generated comes with a uniquely identifiable QR code, generated and validated by our platform automatically rejecting fake certificate.



Reganto generates digital certificates as per customised templates which are then sent to a secure location for printing the physical copies. 



Replace traditional paper-based certificates with Blockchain based e-certificates supported by eco-friendly smart paper that makes retrieval hacker proof.



Reganto offers a simple yet smart feature that allows universities to keep track of all their certificates that were downloaded and sent for printing.



Earn kudos from your students by making it easy for their prospective employers to verify certificates and other academic records across their higher educational studies.


Host certificates on a purpose built private cloud based Blockchain platform.

Replace traditional paper-based certificates with special grade, eco-friendly synthetic paper.

One-stop integrated solution for e-certificates and printed certificates.

On demand printing services offered from our secure platform.

Real-time authentication, verification, and validation of certificates.

Our strong capabilities allow a university/institution to generate large number of certificates while pumping data into the system (either through API’s or through processing spreadsheets). Certificate styles can be templatized according to your requirements before data is pushed into the system so that your unique style and signature is retained.