Universities – Verifiers

Verifiers can instantaneously access trustworthy certification data without having to carry out physical trips to universities saving time and cost to receiving authentic verification data.

How it Works


The most prized asset of any organisation is its people. Organisations spend a huge amount of time, money, and effort trying to find and recruit the right people, implement the right recruitment processes and find the right recruiters and human resources/managers to verify the credentials of candidates. We have now revolutionised how verification works.


Reganto Verifier allows verifiers to quickly and securely access verification data for Universities. This can be done through an intuitive web application or through a mobile application.

How it Works

Reganto is a complete University document management platform which allows you to upload, generate, store, and retrieve your documents from anywhere in the world, at any time. For corporates or institutions interested in verifying the credentials for a particular student, Reganto provides an intuitive new way to get the necessary information.




Quickly verify the authenticity and ownership of the certificates issued on Blockchain with a single click, thereby reducing the verification timeline considerably.



Reganto allows access to prospective employers to be able to check extensive database with a list of candidates from various nationalities and universities.



Reganto offers employers the ability to search for students based on their identity and tamper-free digital certificates for prospect certificate verification. 



Reganto platform offers access to various universities and student data, thus saving the cost of education certificate verification by third parties. 



Verifiers can avoid and prevent fraud through fake certificates by having real-time access to blockchain based verification technology.



The platform reduces time significantly to allow making unconditional offers to much sought-after candidates saving invaluable time for employers.


Mobile app to scan QR code to verify authenticity of applicant details.

Ability to utilize credit based verifications for verifiers.

Ability to manage subscriptions and logs as a verification manager.

Generate and view verification reports through a intuitive dashboard.

Ability to configure the system, manage users, assign roles and more.